My Purpose Is To Help You Live Yours

I help women with personal and business development through confidence building. It’s the self-discovery and tapping into your unmet potential that creates the life you were meant to live. Everyone deserves to live a happy purposed-filled life.

Is this you?

How and why did I come to do this type of work?

I made myself. As a survivor of not knowing who I was and living a life of survival, I have walked in the shoes of being broken and empty. It wasn’t until I went on a journey of self-discovery and realized everything I had gone through and experienced was only setting me up to thrive and live a purposed-filled life. I discovered who I was and created a stronger, more powerful ME.


I teach women. The journey involves first knowing who are and secondly knowing what your natural talents and gifts are. We do this by gaining clarity and direction in finding your strongest attributes and accepting yourself fully. Confidence is about “doing”. In order for you do what you love, you must know who are. After you know who are, you then know what you have. From here it’s all about DOING.


I help you through Educating, Empowering and gaining Exposure. The Three E’s will show you how to uncover your hidden keys to a successful life. Be open to receive and say, “YES” to YOU, because you deserve to live an abundant and prosperous life. As I learned to blossom into ME, so can you.


Soul Sparker, Mompreneur, Educational Advocate, and Humanitarian are a just a mere sampling of titles belonging to Gail Lee Gardner. As the founder of the life-changing organization, I AM Blossoms International, she is a catalyst of growth and promise. With humble beauty, Gail is well known for igniting healing fires and developing positive systemic strategies.


As a proven, Empowerment Coach for the past decade, Gail’s gifts have been sharpened by both education and life experiences. All who are lucky to find themselves coached by Gail, realize that she uses her trials to teach transition and triumph. Touted as being a builder of confidence and self-esteem, she possesses a valuable template for those who are coachable.


Gracious enough to speak to parent-led advocacy groups and motivational seminars, it is without a doubt that Gail delivers messages that many are craving to hear. Her positive aura and natural inner beauty make a cold room warm and changes fear to hope. Utilizing modern technology to drive momentum and community engagement, Gail is easy to find on most social media forums. Conversations and cohesive bonds are concepts that resonate with her deeply. As such, she welcomes any invitations to mentor on behalf of parental advocacy, education and community efforts.


Throughout her long-standing coaching career based in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, Gail finds balance and peace by staying involved with her family and friendships. Appreciating the simple things in life and embracing the complex, her unique business prowess makes her a “fitting choice” in most professional settings. In a personal conversation with Gail Lee Gardner, she was asked to recite her personal motto. Boldly and with a faithful conviction, she answers: “Use what you have today, to empower tomorrow.” Looking forward to launching her first book debut as an Author, Gail hopes to connect with her audiences both stateside and internationally. 

“Gail is a woman of character, personality, strength, vision, compassion, knowledge, giving, sharing, thoughtfulness, maturity beyond her years, integrity, steadfastness, planner, decision maker, hope and discipline. You must see a thing before you can become what you see. Gail is a visionary...”

Princellae M. Harris

"Her drive has inspired and pushed me over the years to seek entrepreneurship and her dedication to self-improvement has empowered me to become a better me. It takes a magnanimous person to dedicate their life to helping others accomplish their dreams. It also takes a visionary to see the great in others that is not always vision by ourselves..." Shudonica Garlington

"You most definitely helped me to see and realize I needed to place myself first. To value myself first. That without my wellness ultimately my family suffers. When I start to discount myself, I think about my brain session and snap back to reality. I'm worthy and because of you, I can continue ministering to others about their worthiness without being a hypocrite. I'm so grateful to you for being my life boat during a time when I was drowning!"

Gina McPherson

"I used to have a problem of getting over my emotional fear of launching my life coaching business and take the proper steps of completion. Gail Lee Gardner challenged me by pushing me past my fear and supported me through the process by coaching me. I remember when she said, "Is what I am asking too much, Erica?" I said within myself, "I have work to do!" Thanks for your support!"

Erica Holston

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She Was Made is a global personal and business development company, for women who want to live a purpose-filled life! Our mission is to educate, empower, and help women all over the world to gain exposure to create the life they want to live. 

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Gail Lee Gardner is the Founder of She Was Made. As an author, speaker, empowerment coach and business mentor, Gail show's women how to get what they want though education, empowerment, and exposure.