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Chronicles of The Obscenest Baker: Taste Me, Please!

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Cakes By Chantal LLC

WARNING: “For the Grown and Cake Lovers Only”

It is the perfect size, filling my mouth to its max with your chocolate richness. Mmmm… I love your dark cocoa color and sweet flavor. My bitter-sweet, forever chocolate; you heighten my senses, swelling the room with your heavenly aroma. As I deeply breathe you in, I anticipate the moment I get to taste you for the first time. I hope you taste as good as you smell. Dear God, please let it be better than I imagined. Oh, this anticipation is becoming too much. I do not want to wait any longer are you ready yet?


As much as I want you now, let me take you all in with my eyes first.

If you do not mind, I will slowly drizzle you with this warm amaretto glaze, letting the glaze equally coat all over you. Working the glaze out all over your canvas, not stopping until I get you smoothly covered! Around, around, up, down, and all over again! Do not forget there is a back side and it too must be glazed! Oh, this anticipation is becoming too much. I do not want to wait any longer are you ready yet?


Made from scratch and covered with toppings. Stick to your recipe as each cake is not the same. This recipe calls for EXTRA nuts! I love velvety chocolate caramel nuts. Cover the cake with everything you got. Who knows it may get you a big tip. Remember, every artist must sign their work. Be sure to put your signature on it, display it, and let everyone see the masterpiece you created.

My mouth is wide open….

Your cake is light and fluffy, yet sturdy for me to swathe with glaze, smoother with caramel and top with plenty of nuts. Just like I like it! Forget all of this…


FINALLY, I got you in my mouth. Your deeply-prosperous cocoa-hazelnut flavor is amazing! It sends shrives down my spine. Working my way down to the rich butter cream, it is difficult not to get loss in your “sauce”. How your flavors work together and cause an explosion in my mouth has me at a loss. Makes me had to set the timer and bake, seeing how many flavors we can make. Let’s try fruit!

keep coming back for more! It is lip smacking delicious. You satisfy my sweet tooth with sugary goodness.

My only wish is to have more, PLEASE! Oh I will be back… see you tomorrow!

Until next time….


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